This plan is the result of consultations with parishioners and has taken many months to prepare. As it clearly reflects the views of everybody in the parish it is important that it is now actively used to guide the development of Silsoe and also that it is regularly updated to reflect changing views – this is the start of the process, not the end.

Accordingly, following the formal adoption by the Parish Council, it will be forwarded to both the District Council and Bedfordshire County Council for them to use in their decision making process. In addition it will be made available to other key businesses and organisations.

The Parish Plan Committee will continue to work with the Parish Council by:-

  • assisting the Parish Council to deliver projects through working groups (volunteers are welcome to assist in this process)
  • monitoring progress made of the various aspects of the Action Plan
  • reviewing future proposals

  • updating those areas where circumstances have changed

There will be regular reports to the Parish through the Silsoe News.