Traffic And Transport Policy Statement

To reduce through traffic and improve safety for all road users and pedestrians.

To eliminate parking on pavements and a problem locations, and to provide sufficient off road parking.



Proposed Actions


 Current Status

 Last Review

Reduce HGV’s

Enforce 7.5 tonne limit from A507 to Ampthill Road;

Check planning permissions for logistics depot;

Planning conditions to restrict through traffic associated with major future building developments.

Year 1



Car sharing

Promote awareness of existing web-based schemes;

Encourage car sharing scheme in future developments.


Year 1

Years 5-10



Poor road conditions

Conduct road condition survey;

Publicise in Silsoe News how to report road issues.

Years 1-3



Obstruction to pavements caused by overgrown bushes

Contact homeowners with overgrown bushes;

Consider enforcement action for persistent offenders.

Year 1



Traffic Calming

Develop an integrated traffic calming scheme in conjunction with Beds CC Highways including the following:-

Impose 40 mph limit from ’Apples and Pears’ to existing 30 mph limit;

Reduce limit to 20 mph from school to church crossroads;

Install raised road crossing point in centre of Village at narrow pinch point widening footpaths to ease access in particular for the disabled.

Install chicanes at both ends of Village with priorities;

Relocate ‘Slow down’ flashing sign by school into better location;

Install another ‘Slow down’ flashing sign at south end of Village.


Years 1-3










Parking by the School

Develop parking improvements from the following strategies:

Install bollards on verges;

Educate parents of school children;

School to provide sustainable transport policy;

Expand and utilise allotment car park and entrance


Years 1-3



Parking by the Newsagent

Short term – Parking restrictions combined with improved use of Village Hall car park during the day - possibly extending the car park towards the High Street.

Long term – consider new shop in different location (see village facilities/shop)


Years 1-5



Parking by Church and Star and Garter

Investigate with Beds CC Highways the feasibility of a lay-by possibly with chevron parking


Years 1-5



Parking Restrictions

Identify key areas where restrictions are appropriate particularly on junctions ;

Encourage reporting of dangerous parking to the police.


Years 1-5