Information and Communication Policy Statement

Information: To ensure that all villagers are fully informed about facilities, clubs, societies, services and organisation within Silsoe;

Communication: To ensure that all villagers are consulted regarding developments or decisions made affecting village residents.



Proposed Actions


 Current Status

 Last Review

Improve information and communications

Provide a ‘welcome pack’ for new residents to the village and form a welcome committee;

Encourage all clubs, societies and organisations to contribute to the ‘welcome pack’ and fully publicise their activities

Complete design of website and seek sponsorship from local businesses to cover costs.

Use website, Silsoe News, notice boards etc.


Years 1-2



Silsoe News

Need to support continuing production of ‘Silsoe News’.

Provide web based or email alternative

Year 1



Parish Council communication

Parish Council should endeavour to improve information on its activities;

Parish Council to consider working towards Quality Parish Council Status.


Year 1

Years 2-3



Parish Plan Committee

The Parish Plan Committee to remain after the publication of the Parish Plan to implement recommendations, review and update the Parish Plan, assist the Parish Council where appropriate, monitor progress and report to the Parish periodically.