Environment Policy Statement

To ensure a high level of use of all village facilities by all sections of the community;

To keep the village clean and tidy and minimize environmental pollution of all types;



Proposed Actions


 Current Status

 Last Review

Public Rights of Way

Provide information sheets;

Determine circular routes;

Investigate disabled access;

Review signage.

Years 1-2



Millennium Green

Improve use for community events/functions and informal sports.

Years 1-2




Footpath/Cycle path north and south of High Street

Construct footpath/cycle path to the north and south of the Village;


Years 3-5



Dog Waste

Education on health risks of dog waste;

Investigate appropriate sites of additional bins;

Provide free dog wastebags.

Year 1




Employ litter collector;

Provide more litter bins.

Year 1



Fly Tipping

Provide information in Silsoe News on how to report fly tipping incidents

Locate hot spots

Year 1



Recycling and rubbish collection

Increase range of waste streams to be recycled;

More frequent collections.

Years 1-5



 Traffic Noise A6 bypass

Provision of new quieter road surface.

 Years 1-5



Grass verges/areas

Improve contract management/maintenance

Vary cutting frequency for various locations e.g the play area


Year 1



 Tree landscaping Park Avenue

Develop tree planting plan, funding and timing.


Years 1-2



 Millennium Green Landscaping

Develop improved landscaping plan/funding.


Years 1-3



 General Village Landscaping

Identify other areas suitable for landscaping and prepare schemes.


Years 1-3



 Sandstone Walls

Undertake survey of existing walls and develop a maintenance and restoration programme


Years 1-3



 Community Orchard

Preserve orchard by Cranfield Conference Centre.


Year 1



 Community woodland

Acquire Cranfield plantation site and replant.

Acquire and plant triangle of land between A6 and Barton Road.


Years 5-10



 Pond and Wildflower meadow

Incorporate into Cranfield development as new facilities for the community.


Years 5-6



 Gault Pit

Develop scheme for clearance and maintenance.


Years 1-2



 Public Seating

Undertake survey to establish suitable sites

Explore feasibility of installing seating alongside Avenue footpath at Wrest Park.


Years 1-3