One of the projects arising from the Silsoe Parish Plan was to produce a series of leaflets detailing local walks, and the task of coordinating the efforts to produce the leaflets was taken on by the Environment Sub-group of the Parish Plan Committee. It was thought that not just local residents, but also visitors to the village would enjoy discovering what the area in and around Silsoe has to offer. We are lucky to be surrounded by some beautiful countryside, including several sites of historical interest. The Silsoe P3 walking group compiled and checked the routes, and the Greensand Trust gave excellent support and advice. Changes in council set-up, loss of grants and key personnel appeared to conspire against us for a while, but we finally managed to secure key funding from 'Grassroots Grants' and Central Bedfordshire Council. We also obtained special skills and efforts from Graham Hoadley who designed, drafted and co-ordinated the printing of the leaflets.


Six walks varying in length from 3.0 to 6.7 miles have now been compiled, tested,described and plotted on maps, photographed and published in individual ‘envelope’-sized pamphlets. All the walks start and finish from Silsoe Church, and each pamphlet includes a marked-up section of the relevant Ordnance Survey map for easy reference. All of the walks follow public footpaths or bridleways, with the occasional short stretch of country road, or road crossing. Some footpaths may be quite muddy in wet weather, and at certain times of the year they may be a bit overgrown, so it is a good idea to wear appropriate walking footwear and clothing. Also, some of the walks do involve kissing gates or stiles, although where possible, an alternative route is given which will avoid climbing over stiles.


The length of time each walk takes will of course depend on your own pace, and on how many breaks you have to take photos, refreshments or simply to enjoy the views. As a rough guide, allow 1 hour for every 3 miles walked at a moderate pace. A few of the walks go through fields where there may be livestock present, so it is essential to keep dogs on leads at these locations. Please also be prepared to pick up after your dog on all these walks. Details of the six walks are given on separate leaflets, a full set of which can be obtained from village shops and pubs. However if you prefer you can download the walks individually from this website.



Silsoe Walks #1

 Silsoe – Beaumont Farm – Wardhedges – Silsoe - 3 miles


Silsoe Walks #2

 Silsoe – Pulloxhill – Upbury Moats – Silsoe - 3.8 miles


Silsoe Walks #3

Silsoe – Flitton Moor – Silsoe - 4.4 miles


Silsoe Walks #4

Silsoe – Pulloxhill Church – Silsoe - 4.7 miles


Silsoe Walks #5

Silsoe – Higham Gobion – Silsoe - 5.3 miles


SilsoeWalks #6

Silsoe – Upper Gravenhurst – Clophill – Silsoe - 6.7 miles