For planning appliocations in Central Bedfordshire, click here.  Then click on Planning and choose "View and Comment on Planning Applications" from the dropdown menu. Half way down the next page is a big purple button saying "View Central Bedfrodshire Council Planning Applications >>"  Click that and either put in the known Planning number under "Application Quick Search" OR just type in "Silsoe", for example to "Search by Address".

You should then be able to view the documents attached to the planning application, as well as make a comment, confirm if you Object or are in favour.  If you wish to do this, Click "Submit a Public Online Comment", click "If you do not have a reference number click here" and fill in the Application Comment Form, remembering to choose from the "Opinion" dropdown box - Comment / Favour / Object.  Comments should be added on this page.  You can also click the email address - to write an email, which you could copy and paste into the Comments box on the Application Comment Form, then click Submit Comments.

You can also write to -

Central Bedfordshire Council 
Priory House 
Monks Walk 
SG17 5TQ

If the Building for Life guidelines are mentioned, then the latest copy can be found here - BfL.  If you fancy a further - and interesting read on the government's response to the National Planning Policy Framework, then click here.

Key things to look for are - 

  • Community Consultation
  • Location of the site
  • Infrastructure - transport / services - amenities - schools 
  • Urban Design and Access
  • Heritage - archaeology / historic aspects / conservation areas / listed buildings

Please bear in mind that Silsoe is unique in that it not only has many listed buildings and conservation areas within the village, it is also home to the Grade One Listed English Heritage property of Wrest Park, which brings - annually - 110,000 visitors to the village (2015-2016).  Not to mention Wrest Park Enterprise, with its 50+ businesses located there with only one way in or out of Wrest Park - down the High Street.

Information about planning and the ability to submit an on-line application is also available through the The Planning Portal the Government's online service for planning which enables Users to apply for planning permission electronically and to check the status of applications within the system.

Any further enquiries contact Customer Services on 0300 300 8307, or email

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), of which SPC is a member  is also a useful resource - particulalrly this document - The Facts about Planning Appeals.

Should you wish to contact Silsoe Parish Council for any reason please e-mail