Item No                             Description                            Current Status Last Review


Safe crossings required on A6


2  Protect orchards – one is in Cranfield University grounds and remnants at the Beeches    
3  Plant a woodland    
4  Feature planting of deciduous trees (silver birch) with autumn and spring bulbs beneath them.    
5  New bridleway along redundant Warren Lane    
6  Access to Gardens all year round free of charge to Silsoe residents    
7  Retain free of development to safeguard the rural character of the southern approach to the village. Possible bog garden and wildflower meadow – liable to flooding.    
8  Green noise barrier along the A6    
9  Retain greenspace between village and Wrest Park. English Heritage has suggested converting this area to formal parkland to protect and enhance Wrest Park.    
10 Preserve greenspace to the west of the village    
11  Footpath linking West End Rd with Holly Walk and Silsoe Rd    
12  Wildflower Meadow    
13  Improve area at the turning from the A6 into the village – possibly trees and meadow    
14  New footpath from footpath at Buckle Grove to A6    
15  Maintain existing areas of greenspace. English Heritage has suggested converting this area to formal parkland to protect and enhance Wrest Park    
16  Establish footpaths – one along Barton Road, one from north of settlement to the A6 and one along an existing track through woodland east of Wrest Park    
17  Restore footpath along Park Avenue    
18  Community woodland to be created from current plantation as part of Cranfield development plan.    
19  Playing fields, village park, village green and pond to be established as part of the Cranfielddevelopment plan    
20  Currently designated Registered Parkland. Should be retained as greenspace (links village toits historical past).    
21  Landscape improvements/enhancements at High Street north    
22   Establish a new bridleway as an extension of the existing one east of Wrest Park House and Gardens, running north using existing unofficial tracks to link with Castle hill and Clophill footpath/bridleway system.    
23  Protect Tree lined avenue at the northern end of High Street as it creates an impressive and important view as you enter the village from the north    
24  Improve/enhance the Millennium Green    
25  Improve/enhance Park Avenue    
26  New bridleway/cycleway going north from Park Avenue, following line of A6 bypass to junction of Clophill Rd with the A6, combined with a green/wildlife corridor    
27  Investigate improving the Gault Pit.    
28  Protect view looking south to Sharpenhoe Clappers    


 Protect view across fields and hills to thrift wood    
30  Protect open fields (currently used for horses)    
31  Protect view from church road towards Wrest Park and Gravenhurst. The tree lined avenue is important linking the village to the wider countryside and its historical past.    
32  Any proposed development should safeguard and retain important open land north and south of the village to ensure landscape and significant local views are retained, especially that of the Church    
33  Vegetable and plant swap shop in village hall    
34 Reinstate trees through the village – particularly replace chestnut tree removed from village hall car park.    
35  Village history project    
36  More trees and wildlife throughout village to increase biodiversity    
37  Communicate with English Heritage about their plans    
38  Retain, maintain and restore all sandstone walls in the parish