According to the National Heritage List for England, Silsoe has much to be proud of and this was something that came out very strongly in our recent survey with Silsoe residents.  

When planning to 2035, it’s important to consider its past.  By including our heritage, we can keep the uniqueness – sense of identity and individuality - and develop the best ways for Silsoe to grow by keeping this in mind.  We can then hand it on - as a place to be proud of – to future generations.  This is especially important as Silsoe has a number of highly graded designated heritage assets in the parish, including Wrest Park Registered Park and Garden.

Listing is the act of identifying the most important parts of our heritage so they can be protected by law. In listing historic buildings or sites we celebrate their significance and make sure that our history can be enjoyed by present and future generations.

The list of protected buildings or sites is known as The Heritage List (officially the National Heritage List for England or NHLE) – it contains information on Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, Registered Parks and Gardens.  It is the official and up to date record of all nationally protected historic buildings or sites in England.  We have used this to create our own full list of Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, Registered Parks and Gardens for Silsoe Parish 2017, where you can see what has been listed in Silsoe and consider if you would like to make any additions.  Take a look at the list here.

If you would like to make an addition, then please follow these steps to make an application - 

Step 1: Make sure that the building or site you are nominating is not already on the List

Search the List

Step 2: Check that the place you are nominating is eligible

They only take forward applications where the building or site falls under one of the following -

  • Is under serious threat of demolition or major alteration
  • Is one of our strategic listing priorities
  • Has very strong potential for inclusion on the NHLE.  See online form for details
Step 3: Complete the form

Please note that an application has already been made on behalf of The George and it's status is pending.

Our history should inform our future and this was backed by our Initial Survey, where 20.8% of respondents said that they did not want to lose Silsoe’s “Village Charm”.  The vision for our historic environment is to protect the approaches, views and features of Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, Registered Parks and Gardens of Silsoe Parish, as well as its conservation areas, Assets of Community Value and any areas specifically called “treasured Assets” by Silsoe Parishioners through the research into the development of this Neighbourhood Plan.

Our historic environment can also be used to inform building design within the settlement envelope of Silsoe Parish.  This Neighbourhood Plan will keep our current conservation areas and enhance them with any infill development.  Take a look at the map of our Conservation Areas here.

If you would like to ask any questions about this, feel free to get in touch with the SNPSC Chair by email -