An Introduction to Neighbourhood Planning

Silsoe Parish Council is creating our own Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan is a new way for local people to influence the planning and development of the area in which they work - it lasts for at least 15 years and should -
    * Choose where new homes, shops, offices and other dvelopment should be built and influence what type of housing should be built
    * Identify and protect important local green spaces or other treasured assets

“Our vision for Silsoe is to maintain our picturesque and historic village as a place where people aspire to live; with housing and services to meet the needs of all our residents; where traffic is managed so that our sites are accessible to visitors; and that local businesses enjoy the benefits of being advantageously placed, yet respect the heritage of the village”

Our Neighbourhood Plan area for Silsoe was designated by Central Bedfordshire Council on 12th December 2016.  Click here for the Decision Notice.

Once approved, the Plan will have legal force in setting out what development is acceptable in our parish and for what reasons - developers and the local authority planners will have to take note. Without it, we will have little control over development and less access to community funding.
The Neighbourhood Plan will sit underneath the CBC Local Plan, complying with their core strategy and the governments' wider strategy for sustainable development. However having a Neighbourhood Plan will ensure that we have a say and some degree of influence in whatever happens in Silsoe.
The Silsoe Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee (SNPSC) will communicate as we go through the process creating one - each villager will have the opportunity to have their say. It will not be a quick process, yet do be assured that work is already going on to ensure we get this underway.  Members of the SNPSC include - 
*   Helen Flack - Chair
*   Julie McGrory - Secretary
*   Helen Skepper - Treasurer
*   Ann Webb
*   Peter Offer
*   Jeff Offer
*   Jane Blumsom
Please find our written constitution here.
Currently, we have made great progress, yet we are always looking for volunteers for sub-committees in  Local Character / Environment / Transport / Jobs and Business / Growth & Infrastructure / Homes to help with this intensive process of creating one. It involves regular meetings - usually monthly - with actions to be completed by all members between each meeting and we are looking for willing and interested parties that feel they can represent the views of our community and can commit time to the actions we will have to do to ensure the Neighbourhood Plan is completed. Meetings take place in the evenings, as this is when people will have the most availability, and last around 2 hours.
Sub-committee members that you can get in touch with are - 
  • Local Character and Environment – Peter Offer, Jane Blumsom
  • Transport – Jeff Offer
  • Jobs and Business – Julie McGrory, Helen Skepper, Ann Webb
  • Growth & Infrastructure and Homes – Helen Flack 
If you would like to be involved however cannot commit to the meetings, then just keep an eye on our website for regular updates and minutes of our meetings. The sub-committee will also be planning regular interactions and updates to the community about the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan, as well as looking for feedback about what villagers want - everyone will be given the opportunity to have their say.
To hear more - please get in touch with Helen on